Optimizing Data-driven Blockchain Solutions


BlockTEST develops and optimizes blockchain solutions to enhance the flow of materials, data, and finance.

We provide solutions to reinvent the way you manage business flows.


A transparent, open, and verifiable solution whose aim is to grant infants in Nigeria a transferable vaccination history and enable NGOs to fund and monitor vaccination initiatives.


We reinvented the drug development process for pharmaceutical R&D companies by implementing royalty tokens and ownership proof systems.


We designed a blockchain-based platform to unify and streamline the end-to-end process of global maritime trade.

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What We Offer

Advice & Diagnostics

We analyze your business from start-to-end in order to identify your specific supply chain challenges and opportunities. The result is a targeted system model with an innovative integration roadmap, custom-designed for you.


& Production-Ready Solutions

Our modularized solutions offer the flexibility we need to strategically drive improvement across your supply chain. We’ll develop and iterate to make sure that the solution you receive is optimized to provide the function you need.

Blockchain DevOps Platform

– BlockTEST® Greenhouse

Our proprietary blockchain test engine enables you to develop and optimize on multiple platforms. We offer the very best of speed, security, and scalability innovations across protocols and consensus mechanisms.


Founded on the MIT campus in 2018, BlockTEST funnels the vast world of decentralized technologies into secure, scalable, and focused solutions.


Simplify blockchain with BlockTEST.


2018 MIT-CHIEF Business Competition Top 8 Finalist

Semi-finalist, MIT 100K Competition 2018

Officially vetted Quorum Tech Ambassador

2019 SPD Global Fintech Compitition Silver Award

2019 Singapore Fintech Festival

Finalist (Top 10), Singapore PIER71 Smart Port Challenge 2019

ETHBoston 2019 Quorum winner

Admission into New England’s Premier Fintech Accelerator program Jul19-Jul20

Runner-up, ConsenSys Global Blockchain Competition 2018

Sponsored by Google Startup Access Program


Blockchain host of drug supply chain use case competition

Finalist, Enterprise Singapore’s TCC 2019

Technology Partner, Quorum Adapter

MedTrace Technology Parter

Afri-PERA Technology Partner